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In the Rainforest Bank

Over one million hectares of rainforest is in the Bank and already 250,000 hectares is protected by our supporters. Find out why your business should join us.

Who Are We?

The United Bank of Carbon (UBoC) is a collaboration between established, responsible businesses and leading environmental academics who, together, aim to reduce climate change by protecting the world’s rainforests and their peoples.

UBoC was originally a partnership between three complementary organisations.  Having worked with tea and coffee growers in the tropics for 20 years, Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate brings practical experience of working with local communities and NGOs.  The company was joined by business advisory firm Deloitte which provides expertise in the emerging currency of carbon and the University of Leeds which gives the underpinning scientific rigour.  This collaboration has grown to incorporate a number of project sponsors from some of the UK’s leading organisations.

UBoC enables businesses to choose a specific project to partner with that has synergies with their own organisation or brand.  Since 2009, experts at the University of Leeds have been rigorously checking rainforest projects across the globe and have established an impressive database of projects, run by various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in several countries.  By selecting from this bank, businesses can be sure that they are supporting a project that will deliver on its goals.

UBoC is based on the principle that by working together organisations, whether they are universities, businesses, NGOs or projects, can change the world.  Already, funding provided by businesses in the UK is leveraging additional investment from European public funds, proving that combined forces really can produce results.


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      February 3, 2014

      Leeds ‘green’ academics demonstrate benefits of clean cook stoves

      As part of their work with Yorkshire-based sustainability charity, the United Bank of Carbon (UBoC), leading ‘green’ academics from the University of Leeds’ School of Earth and Environment have hosted a cook stove workshop to highlight the global issue of the environmental and health impacts of household solid fuel use by about half of the world’s population. read more…


      “As part of a family business which has strong ties with the tropics where our tea and coffee is sourced, we have firsthand experience of the challenges facing local communities and how NGOs are working with them to provide practical solutions. However, after 20 years of planting and saving trees around the world, supported by our customers and staff, we realise that the scale and urgency of climate change means that only a collaboration of organisations can achieve the impact we need. UBoC provides the vehicle for businesses to join together and make a real difference.”
      Jonathan Wild, Chairman of Board of Trustees of UBoC and former Chairman and Chief Executive of Bettys & Taylors Group